A Story Extending to Life with Strong Roots… 

Walnut is one of the most consumed fruits in the world for centuries and is a unique source of healing with its strong roots. The first step in obtaining an exquisite walnut fruit in perfect condition is to have a very good quality walnut sapling.

Agronua's professional attitude, deepened technical knowledge and passion for fertile lands contribute to the cultivation of high quality walnut saplings.

Producing walnut saplings in Bandırma, which is one of the few regions in the world and in Turkey in terms of microclimate conditions, Agronua enables the purchase of top quality and high yield products within 60,000 m2.

Agronua, writing its own story in a region with a very rich ecology in terms of walnut population, pays extra attention to planting design and selection of the right product variety in order to get the optimum yield.

Saplings produced by Agronua have a worldwide valid blue certificate.