27 January 2017

Orjin Maslak hosts the greatest companies of the world with the dining hall, sports hall, shopping complex, coiffure and other commercial businesses designed by considering any kind of comfort of the office employees, as well as, seminar and conference halls which may be rent for meetings and organizations, with its environment conscious superior technology and brand new architectural understanding.

In Orjin Maslak, where flexibility and meeting the expectation of the tenants who may wish to design their offices different from the previous tenants is prioritised in its architectural design, adjustability and meeting the needs of the user of the lighting control system of Helvar attracts attention as an important detail.

Orjin Maslak is a 14 storey building including its basement. 140 DIGIDIM 910 Routers of Helvar  have used an Ethernet link as network backbone to assemble a DALI network lighting control system due to the scale of the project. DIGIDIM 910 Router which is used to decrease energy consumption and provide a saving forms a very important part of the strategy of design. Installed as a feature to manage and control sunlight automatically in temperatures up to 35 degrees in İstanbul in summer months, DIGIDIM 910 Router assists to preserve the temperature in the office and decrease shining of sunlight.

In Orjin Maslak where a comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) is used to control the basic requirements such as heating and ventilation, integration of lighting control of Helvar to BMS is of vital importance. GUI platform of Helvar enables the building managers manage and maintain the lighting control system.

Lighting control system, energy saving and comfortable environment of Helvar which can easily meet the changes within the office created for the employees has undertaken a key role for Orjin Maslak to be entitled to LEED Gold Certificate which the most famous and prestigious buildings possess all around the world.

Orjin Maslak project is the first integrated IP based security and automation project realized in Turkey by Elekon, Turkish distributor of Helvar.

Project Identification Tag:

Total Construction Area: 94.000 m2
Electrical Design: Enmar
Project Location: İstanbul
Electricity Contractor: Armada
Applied Products: Helvar Lighting Control Systems & UTC Weak Current Systems