09 January 2017

Atakule, one of the significant symbols of Ankara, is being renewed...Known as the second in Turkey and first in the capital city, Atakule shall again become the attraction center of the city when the project is completed.

Atakule, known as one of the significant symbols of the capital city with its 125 meters excursion tower and rotating platform, shall be a meeting location for the citizens of Ankara with new living functions actualized in the scope of the renewal project.

Being designed to preserve the nature of Botanic Park, Atakule is planned as a cinema and entertainment floor in addition to four shopping floors. Lighting control shall be provided by Elekon, Turkish distributor of Helvar, in all interiors and exteriors of Atakule renewal project composed of a total of 50 thousand m2.

Car park entrance lobbies, lift lobbies and visitor circulation areas shall be controlled by connecting to the lighting automation in the scope of the project which contains the arrangements made in the direction of contemporary necessities at the shopping center section by protecting  The Tower and the rotating platform structure located on the Tower.

Multi-functional events hall included in the Tower is re-structured for the organization of national and international cultural events. Circulation areas are solved with the new central atrium which is designed on the axis of Botanic Park and the tower rising within the structure  is used as a part of the atrium. A smooth lighting is planned by controlling glare in all media by dimming / opening in different levels from circulation areas according to the level of the daylight entering the medium by means of the DALI DIM controlled lighting automation to be used in the atrium and gallery sections.

It shall be possible to apply dynamic or static lighting scenarios  in the exterior facade lighting with armatures possessing color changing feature (RGBW) integrated to the facade system details connected to DMX control system.

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Lighting Designer: Nergiz Arifoğlu
Lighting Control System: Helvar – Elekon Energy Systems
Electricity Designer:
Electricity Contractor: