As Elekon, established in 2006, our primary goal has been to contribute to the projects of our business partners with our reliable solutions based on ecological and economic values. We have always done our best to take our goals one step further by integrating our expertise in automation, lighting, security and building management into our solutions that comply with international standards and local regulations.

With our 15 years of knowledge and experience, engineering capabilities and innovative approach that inspire the industry, our corporate culture developing day by day, our strong collaborations that direct the global market, we continue to have an active presence as an innovative and reliable company that offers smart construction technologies in more than 18 countries in 3 continents and competes with world brands on our way we have started with the courage from our dreams and ideals.

To the Future with Helvar Operating for 100 Years

We are working very hard to be the best choice of our business partners together with Helvar which has specialized in energy efficient components and solutions for lighting applications and lighting control systems, of which the products are recognized as the best in its class in terms of reliability, compatibility and flexibility and also which has been providing high standards of service since 1921 with the ideal of creating a smart future for which you have control.

Together with the advanced solutions of Helvar; we continue to create smart, functional and human-oriented structures which consist of DIGIDIM system, mostly used for the commercial-oriented lighting control and operating on DALI infrastructure and also of IMAGINE system, designed especially for the architectural lighting control.

We are the holder of both the Best Project Award and the Best Big DALI Project Award with the Nation’s Library of the Presidency.

Our Project of the Nation’s Library of the Presidency, which is a unique combination of technology and tradition, aims to become one of the special libraries of the world in terms of its private collections and services and also offers access to millions of groundbreaking resources, was deemed worthy of the “Best Project Award” at Helvar Partners Meeting in 2019. Besides this, our project was conferred with the “Best Big DALI Project Award” in the category of large indoor projects at 2020 DALI Lighting Awards, held to support control, creativity, problem solving and originality.

Istanbul Airport; Automation Project created by using the world's largest DALI Infrastructure

The products of Helvar, of which we are the distributor for the lighting applications and lighting control systems, are used at the Airport Traffic Control Tower of the Istanbul New Airport, designed by being inspired by the figure “tulip”, which has been the symbol of Istanbul, known as the City on the Seven Hills for centuries and being one of the big aviation center projects of the world.

Our City Hospital Projects providing lighting saving up to 70%

We provide efficiency through Helvar lighting control systems at a serious level which offer a simple business scenario integration for the healthcare structures that have turned into much larger and more complex facilities and therefore have a much higher energy consumption than traditional commercial buildings. We create healthier atmospheres with smart and user-friendly Helvar solutions that comply with the WELL building standards, which focus on the methods of improving the general condition of buildings and set criteria for optimum building performance.

Long term working with partners and customers

We strive to continuously improve our rich range of services and solutions with our approach which regards quality, efficiency and functionality as an integral part of its business, combines experience with new technology and business models and integrates its engineering knowledge into the power of technology.

We have been developing long-lasting relationships with our business partners with our after-sales maintenance and services as well as engineering services such as system solutions, project analysis, system design and project designing support, infrastructure cabling and installation since the first day we started to serve in the sector.

As we complete our 15 years of success in the industry, I would like to thank our esteemed employees and all our stakeholders who has shared our dreams for their beliefs and efforts.

Şafak KOÇ
Chairman of the Board