Sensitive to the environment and you…

As Elekon Energy Systems our aim, when we started out, was to provide reliable and sustainable solutions in the projects which our customers want to realize.

We maintain our solution-oriented services we provide in the contracting sector with our 11-year knowledge and experience and also expertise we obtained in security, automation and lighting fields without compromising the international standards and local regulations.

We are proud to proceed on our way, we started with the aim of providing correct and applicable solutions, by leading the way in our projects realized in over 16 countries with our slogan “Sensitive to the environment and you...”.  

First project in abroad: Suleymaniye Cultural Centre

The first project of Elekon was Suleymaniye Cultural Centre we built in Iraq. After this project, we have turned towards the building technologies among the contracting sector. As a company, providing long-lasting, energy saver, innovative and environment-friendly system solutions in the projects we realized, we have specialized in security, automation and lighting fields.

First project in Turkey: Özaltın Gloria Serenity

The first project in Turkey was Özaltın Gloria Serenity after we signed the Distributorship Agreement on Lighting Control Systems with Helvar in 2006.

A good success story: Mardan Palace...

Mardan Palace included in our references as a “good success story”, is our first big and thematic hotel project. It is known as the largest lighting automation project of that period and also as one of the biggest hotel projects of Helvar, realized around the world.

Elekon side by side with strong brands...!

As Elekon, we have carried out various projects in over 16 countries (Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Equatorial Guinean, Armenia, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, T.R.N.C, Libya, Maldives, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine...) since it was established. While realizing these projects, our partners have always been well-known brands of the world in the system solutions.

We are the exclusive distributor of Helvar since 2006 in our country, which has carried on a business in Turkey since 1987 and of which the first project in Turkey is Ankara Hilton. Established in 1921, Helvar becomes prominent as a well-established technology company in the field of lighting systems.

In addition to Helvar, we are the distributor of UTC for the security systems, which is among the top 100 companies of the USA. We work with Maxwell for the emergency components, which is one of the world’s leading companies.

First project in the integrated security sector… IC Çeşme Port

Çeşme Port, built in 2009 by İbrahim Çeçen Holding, is known as the first project of Elektron, entering the integrated security sector. While starting Çeşme Port, being a foreign-funded project, we started our activities in Ataturk Airport Free Trade Zone in 2009 for the foreign-funded projects we would realize in future.  

Helvar Distributor of the Year Awards for 2009-2010 belonging to Elekon

Long-lasting, energy saver, innovative and environment-friendly system solutions… Our biggest goal was to establish “living systems” without compromising these principles, being a must of our projects. As a result of these devoted works, we were deemed worthy of various awards. We gained Helvar Distributor of the Year Award for two years in 2009 and 2010.  

“We work with the best team and brands and make no concessions on quality.”

In order to provide our customers in Turkey and abroad with the same quality of service at all times, we certified all our working processes in security, automation and lighting fields through Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 after being created our corporate strategy and making necessary procedures in 2010. Following this, we moved into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System in 2012 with the growing operation and business volume in the company.  As Elekon, we work with the best team and brands and make no concessions on quality.

Zorlu Center, the biggest technologic building project

Zorlu Center Project, completed in 2012 by Elekon, is a project of 700 thousand square meters. We integrated the lighting control systems into a brand-independent superior integration platform through this project for the first time.  

Growth Target.... Dealership system

We take care of being in harmony and sustainable communication with our customers and partners. As Elekon, one of our growth targets is the “dealership system”. We provide support our dealers in all matters, primarily training and engineering support and we see them as members of Elekon family. 

Do the best you can ... DALI “Second Best Company Award”

As Elekon, we act as an “integrator” to provide the reliable and sustainable solutions in the projects which our customers want to realize. We do the best we can do in the project we work. Signing the best projects brings the awards that motivate our team in its wake. Helvar nominated our company at the Frankfurt Light and Building Fair in which we participated in 2014 and we returned with DALI “Second Best Company Award” from this fair.  

We work long-term

We work long-term with our customers through the system solutions, the engineering services such as project analysis, system design, project designing support, infrastructure cabling and installation and also maintenance and after sales services from the first day we started to provide service in the sector to today.

When looking back at 11 years left behind, seeing that we are a family, which makes no concessions of its principles, works in harmony with its customers and also partners, develops and renews itself continuously and also grows with each passing day, is increasing our enthusiasm.

I would like to thank everybody who is a member of the Elekon Family and who share our enthusiasm.


Şafak KOÇ