JW Marriott is the luxury hotel brand of Marriott International, leading rest chain of the world having over 3500 tourism investments in 70 different countries besides USA... JW Marriott has 21 investments in Northern America, 8 in Latin America, 16 in Asia, 4 in the Middle East. J.W. Marriott Ankara is the first hotel of Marriott in Turkey and 4. in Europe. JW Marriott is a brand addressing luxury segment within Marriott International.

Serkan Uslu, Technical Manager of J.W. Marriott Ankara: "We offer accessible luxury to our guests"

Our principal goal is to offer "accessible luxury" to our guests. In this direction, we give our guests a J.W. Marriott experience where their needs are met in maximum satisfaction and quality by blending quality and luxury in J.W. Marriott Ankara.



Project LocationAnkara
Total Construction Zone110.000 ²
Electricity BearerSasel
Lighting DesignerDPA
Lighting Control SystemHelvar
Products AppliedLighting Control System

JW Marriott was designed from the beginning to be a hotel in the top segment and luxury class. Our another purpose was to make the Hotel one of the symbol buildings of Ankara. Every point from exterior facade to the lighting of the Hotel was evaluated in the design stage to the finest details. The result was just as we envisaged. A physical building different from many buildings in Turkey emerged. Electrical and mechanical systems of the building where all details were considered to the finest details were handled so elaborately. You notice this careful work when you visually look at the Hotel. The project is recognized starting from the lobby. As soon  as you enter the Hotel, you confront a very impressive lobby with a visual quality which people are not used to.

Support was obtained from many advisors of different fields during the project. For example, design and consultancy of whole lighting of the building was carried out foreigner DPA Lighting . All electronic and mechanical systems were actualized by the consultancy service of organizations and firms in Turkey having advanced level knowledge such as Siemens, Alarko, Buderus and Ciat.

All areas except the rooms have lighting automation.

About The Lighting Automation:

In general, lighting control in all common locations and royal suite is managed by Imagine System provided by Elekon, Turkish distributor of Helvar. Astronomical time control is preferred in the landscape and facade lighting and maximum benefit is taken from the daylight and energy saving is provided.

Architectural design of the Hotel is realized by RMJM Architecture New York Office and interior decoration  design by Frank Solano Associates resident in England.

In general, Imagine Lighting Control System provided by Elekon, Turkish distributor of Helvar, manages all the lighting control in all common locations and royal suite.

Maximum benefit from daylight and energy saving is aimed by preferring astronomical time control in the landscape and facade lighting.

The most challenging aspect of the project for DPA was the illumination of the entrance and hotel facade. Vertical features of the hotel’s architecture are increased and outlined with pencil like soft white light beams from upwards propagating lights hidden at the top of specially designed stone fins. This fine lighting effect forms a contrast with various bays on the front facade illuminated by colored lights. This use of RGB LED light controlled by Helvar DMX System is repeated in a smaller scale at the shorter stone fins on the canopy at the entrance.

Work of the electricity contractor was accompanied in harmony  by preparing control lists including DMX, DALI, DALI Broadcast, DSI, 1-10V, leading edge and trailing edge dimmers  for each panel zone after determining the control types according to the light sources which were used in the direction of the control lists prepared by the lighting designer during the design of the system. All control types and interfaces which can be used in a lighting control system were used throughout the project and a perfect harmony was provided.