The emergency lighting systems, become obligatory within the scope of the “Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings” in all buildings such as hospital, school, campus, hotel and government agencies, is automatically activated in order to evacuate the people in the building in exceptional circumstances such as malfunction  that normal lighting is not possible in the buildings, interruption of mains voltage, fire, earthquake or disaster and provides the sustainability of lighting during the required period. All products to be used in this system should comply with the specified standards and regulations.

Mackwell is one of the leading brands of the world in emergency lighting system solutions for the global lighting industry and conducts its manufacturing operations in England with over 35 years of experience.  

Mackwell produces solutions with the products compatible with DALI in line with the International IEC 62386, IEC 62034  and European Union EN 62386, EN 62034  standards’ requirements as well as the conventional emergency lighting products.  Through the monitoring and control system, the state of DALI compatible kits and emergency lightings and also the battery and lamp failures are automatically tested and reported at a frequency specified mutually with the company. Mackwell’s emergency lighting components with self-contained battery grant a great privilege to the system operation. There is no loss of labor and time in the building operation through operation independently from human interference, point-base control possible, automatic testing of defective luminaires, and instant reporting of batteries.



LED Emergency Kits

For more information about LED Conversion Kits, ELEDD, ICE, XY-Fİ and battery groups:

XYLUX Emergency Luminaires

Mackwell’s high performance emergency luminaires. For more information about XYLUX LR, XYLUX LS, XYLUX Track, XYLUX LD and XYLUX Exit luminaires:   http://www.mackwell.com/product/catProducts/xylux-emergency-luminaires/73

Fluorescent Emergency Kits

For more information about Mackwell’s modules, suitable for installation inside and outside the luminaire casing, developed for Mackwell’s standard fluorescent luminaires:

TEMPUS Emergency Guidance Luminaires

Here is Mackwell family’s newest product line: For more information about TEMPUS BHD, TEMPUS EXA, TEMPUS EXB, TEMPUS EXC, TEMPUS TWS luminaires: http://www.mackwell.com/product/catProducts/tempus-emergency-luminaires/267