Helvar is an international lighting technology company, specialized in energy-efficient components and solutions for lighting applications and lighting control systems. Established in 1921, Helvar’s product line consists of DIGIDIM system, operating on DALI infrastructure mostly used for the commercial-oriented lighting control and also of IMAGINE system, designed especially for the architectural lighting control. Both systems are based on DALI and TCP/IP open system technologies. Thus, it is possible to make perfect integrations with other building automation systems.

Helvar's lighting solutions and armature-based applications offer a wide range of solutions ranging from single-room offices to office blocks with thousands of rooms.

Its extensive knowledge, product lines and solutions in the sector help the lighting luminaire producers and lighting designers make the right choices in the rapidly changing lighting sector.  

The lighting control competence center of Helvar, of which the manufacturing operations are conducted in Finland, is in England and this company provides services through its office and global partners in over 40 countries worldwide.

The introduction of technology into the daily life, importance of energy, differentiation of desires and desire to get anything better have caused the electrical installations to become increasingly complex and accordingly the failure of traditional electrical systems to meet these desired characteristics has led to the need for lighting automation.

The automation is the operation of a system independently from any operator according to a certain scenario. The scenarios are determined by the sensors, events, or users in the building. Since the costs of energy and human-powered operations increase day by day, the automation has become a very basic requirement in the vast majority of projects.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is in the leading position among the protocols used in lighting control systems. DALI, used in the digital control of almost all light sources, has been successfully used in commercial applications such as hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. thanks to its bi-directional communication support and superior features in individual device control. It noticeably reduces the operating costs by providing a great convenience to the operation team in the system management together with the address-based monitoring and control of the system especially in large projects, which are very difficult to manage.

Imagine – Lighting management system

Imagine is Helvar’s networked lighting management platform, providing the ultimate freedom to the users in delivering lighting control solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications. Being flexible and scalable, Imagine provides solutions together with the open standards such as DALI, Ethernet and DMX in a wide range from single room to large buildings. Imagine can be easily integrated to building management systems on BacNET IP or Ethernet I/O.

  • Freedom in lighting design,
  • Flexible solutions from single room to entire building,
  • Energy monitoring,
  • Various user interface options,
  • Lighting scenes and transitions,
  • Automated control,
  • Color temperature control,
  • Sun Tracking Algorithm,
  • Human Centric Lighting control– HCL,
  • Integration to BMS.

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Digidim – Programmable solutions

Digidim is a Helvar’s lighting solution, composed of a single DALI subnet.

With a wide range of products, it is suitable for installation of tailor-made smart lighting solutions in small and medium-sized projects.

  • Smart programmable area control,
  • Flexible solutions from single room to large areas,
  • Integration to A/V system,
  • Easy programming,
  • Wide range of user interfaces.

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iDim - Smart standalone solutions

Helvar iDim product line offers excellent solutions for the smart standalone solutions. With luminaire and ceiling mounted options, the iDim solutions are easy to install, with no configuration needed on site and ideally suited for new build or refurbishment projects, iDim products offer smart energy saving features and user comfort.

  • Smart and simple control solutions
  • Ceiling or luminaire mounted devices
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Smart solutions for refurbishment projects

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easySwitch – Classical Solutions

Helvar easySwitch product line is a control group designed for the standalone applications you want to control by directly switching 220V circuit such as corridors, storages where you don’t need automation.

  • Simple on /off control,
  • 1-10V control,
  • Standalone,
  • Mains switching,
  • Easy installation,
  • Cost-effective and fast payback period.

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