The biggest goal, of Elekon which provides long-lasting, energy saver, innovative and environment-friendly system solutions in the projects which it implements, is to establish “living systems”. For this purpose; the company enters into monthly, quarterly and semi-annually maintenance contracts through its service team, composed of trained and experienced personnel and provides 24/7/365 days periodic maintenance and aftersales service to its customers of which the company is solution partner. 

The maintenance and general controls of the devices are conducted according to the period determined in the service program approved by the technical service manager within the scope of the contracts. 

Services provided within the scope of periodic maintenance:

  • Performing controls of electrical values and functions of the systems in the field and field and central equipment,
  • Monitoring the pollution rates of the field equipment, the installation control and whether there are factors, affecting their operation and if any fixing them,
  • Reviewing system scenarios and programming according to the new scenario requested by the customers,
  • Troubleshooting (with the help of operating personnel),
  • Performing scenario tests of systems,
  • Updating system software and making backups,
  • Keeping critical spare parts in stock in order to ensure the system continuity,
  • Periodical repetition of user-level training of technical personnel every year.
  • Support with 24/7 remote access,
  • On-site technical support.